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What is Ombre Powder?

Ombre Powder brows are a great alternative to microblading. Instead of creating fine, hair-like strokes on your brows, pigment is inserted via machine into the skin to give the effect of a make-up brow. This is closest to the traditional eyebrow tattoo process. This look provides more definition and shape than microblading.

The machine implants pigments via small, pixelated dots throughout the brow with an ombre effect with the color being lighter in the center and darker towards the tips. This shade variation creates a powdery appearance that soft and natural while appearing defined. This procedure can be layered to achieve any look the client desire . . . from soft and ultra-natural to a more saturated bold “fill-in” look.

The Ombre Powder brows looks great on almost all clients. This procedure is fully customizable, typically last the longest, works for all skin types and age, and causes the least amount of trauma to the skin. It is a great option for anyone.

Every permanent cosmetic treatment requires two sessions – initial treatment and a touch-up anytime after 8 weeks.

Price                     $550

Touch-Up               $150

*Suitable skin type: All skin type

*The technique is also suitable for clients with an active lifestyle, large pores, or mature skin.

*Great for someone with almost fully natural eyebrows but need a little help in with overall shape and definition of eyebrows.

*Great for color correction/cover-up of previous permanent makeup

*Client with previous permanent make-up, there will be an additional $50 charge for cover-up and/or corrections. Please text 253.234.7845 a clear photo of your eyebrows prior to booking an appointment.

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