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Hi! My name is Hien, artist and owner of Microblading Artistry. My passion for the industry started at a very young age. My parents own and operate a successful salon in the Kent East Hill area for over 20 years. Naturally working at the salon became my part-time job in high school and college. After graduating with my B.S. in accounting, I worked for several years in corporate. However, my dream to be a business owner led me back into beauty. My educational background along with extensive experience in beauty profession has helped shape me into a strong cosmetologist and business owner. 


One of my strongest skill set is waxing and shaping eyebrows; a common complaint I hear from clients is having thin or sparse brows either from over-tweezing or hair loss. I felt compelled to help my clients find a solution for their problems, so I explored microblading and it's benefits. Upon learning about microblading, I did extensive research about the trade and decided to train with international known PhiBrows Academy, an industry leader in permanent makeup. Becoming a microblading artist propelled my career to the next level and helped many of my clients feel more confident about the way they look. In addition to microblading, I am also trained with Linda Paradis Group in lip color corrections and tattoo removal/lightening.

Extensive training and experience are required to perform them correctly and effectively, and I take that very seriously. I adhere to the highest standards in this industry and am committed to ongoing continued education to insure the best results for my clients.  Beyond providing these services, your overall client experience is a top priority for me. Growing up in a salon allowed me to understand the importance of creating a warm environment where clients can feel comfortable and welcomed; a place they can return to for future services.

PhiBrows Academy - January 2017 - Microblading

Linda Paradis Group - March 2018 - Lip Color Correction & Tattoo Removal/Lightening

BrowsbyLinne - January 2019 - Powdered Brows

Beauty Angels Academy - February 2019 - Basic Blade & Shade

PD Beauty Care - March 2021 - Lash Line Enhancement

Realism Brows PMU Academy - April 2022 - Realism Brows & shade



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