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What is Realism Brows?

This is a game changer If you want microblading, but with a bit more of a bolder eyebrow look, consider the Combo/Hybrid technique. It is the combination of two technique to create a more defined appearance.  

This technique that gives clients a soft but defined brow with the appearance of individual hair strokes. It is similar to microblading but the results are darker and more defined, which many clients prefer. Shading gives the brow a fuller and more polished appearance.

Price                   TBD

Touch-Up            TBD

Annual Refresh   TBD

*Suitable skin type: Dry to normal

*Recommended for those with little to no natural eyebrow hair.

*Great for color correction/cover-up of previous permanent makeup

*Client with previous permanent make-up, there will be an additional $50 charge for cover-up and/or corrections. Please text 253.234.7845 a clear photo of your eyebrows prior to booking an appointment.

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